Energy and Power Plant Technology

After the retirement of Prof. Johannes Janicka in spring 2019, the Institute of Energy and Power Plant Technology has been included in the Institute of Reactive Flows and Diagnostics (RSM). For current news, please refer to the website of RSM.

By the year 2030, due to rapid population growth and the industrialization of many countries, the world’s energy requirements will have risen 50% in comparison to those of 2005. Due to the limited applications of regenerative and nuclear energies, most of the energy needs in the next few decades will be met by fossil fuels.

Climate change is caused largely in part to the burning of fossil fuels, upon which our society is completely dependent upon. Because of this it is absolutely necessary to make combustion processes cleaner and more efficient.

With this in mind the department of Energy and Power Plant Technology focuses on the development and employment of theoretical, numerical and experimental methods to improve future combustion technologies.