Job Openings

Research Assistants

People interested in receiving the title of a Dr.

There are several vacancies each year for people intending to do a PhD project. We welcome applications from all arround the world with all related backgrounds.

You can allways apply for a position at our institute. Please send your complete application fulfilling the common standards to Prof. Janicka.

Currently, there are two kinds of vacancies:

* Payment according to “Bat II a” (full payment and therefor more work for the institute and thus less time for research work). Please expect 5 years for your project.

* Payment according to “Bat II a / half” (lower payment, less work for the institute, much time for research). The expected duration of the PhD project will be 3 years. People starting out with “Bat II a / half” are generally given the chance to switch to a “Bat II a” later on as well.

Currently, there are two different kinds of research work:

* Theoretical/Numerical work on modeling flames

* Laserdiagnostics for measuring flames

We are an interdisciplinaric (engineers, physicists, chemicists and mathematicians) and international workgroup in close contact to many other groups all arround the globe.

To apply for a position at our institute, we appreciate

* Good marks

* Experience in foreign countries

* Quick previous studies

* Experience in your area of interest (optics, computersimulation), knowledge about turbulence and combustion, and certainly with the tools required for your work (measurement technology, computers, …)

Student research projects during graduate studies can offer a good basis for a later application at our institute.

After applying for a position, please contact Prof. Janicka , Dr. Dreizler (experimental) or Dr. Sadiki (numerical) to check for the state of your application. Please do this by e-mail or by phone.


We need students to perform some general jobs from time to time. If your are interested in working with us, please contact Ferhat Oezdogan.